Who We Are

The Lake Champlain Chapter footprint covers primarily the Lake Champlain watershed in Vermont and Northern New York.

Our members share common interests in the care and use of vintage boats of all types; launches, runabouts, sailboats, canoes, outboards, guide boats, cruisers, etc. – wood and, increasingly, non-wood.

What We Do

We meet periodically in Vermont and New York to further our hobby in many ways.  The highlight of each year is the Annual Boat Show which is usually held at the Burlington Vermont Community Boat House on the beautiful and exciting Burlington downtown waterfront.

We have periodic on-the-water rendezvous and workshops throughout the year and occasional trips to more distant venues such as Montreal and Squam Lake, NH (aka Golden Pond).

You Are Welcome

While we subscribe to the ACBS ideal of well preserved and restored vintage boats, we welcome user boats, home builts, replicas, and fixer-uppers at our events.  We also welcome, and often provide rides, for all fans of vintage boats – not just owners.

More details are available on our Lake Champlain Chapter website.

Upcoming Chapter Events

Chapter News