The HAGERTY SAFETY AWARD is  given by Hagerty Marine Insurance Company and the Antique & Classic Boat Society for a safety article published in an ACBS related publication.

The 2015 Hagerty Safety Award was presented to Don Leutz of the Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter for his safety articles published quarterly in the Chapter’s publication Western Wood.  Awards are presented at the ACBS Annual Meeting’s Awards Banquet.

Nominations are now welcome for the 2016 Hagerty Safety Award.

  • The nomination should be made by a member of the chapter and supported by the Chapter’s Officers and/or Board of Directors.  Copies of the article or articles must accompany the nomination.
  • Detailed criteria may be found in the Chapter Handbook available to members under Resources in the Members Online Directory.
  • Nominations along with supporting documentation should be mailed to the ACBS Awards Committee members also listed in the Chapter Handbook.

The Hagerty Safety Awards have been presented annually since 2002.  Past recipients are:

2002 – Dick Sligh
2003 – Stephen Merjanian, Jr.
2004 – Godfrey Howard
2005 – Dick Sherwood
2006 – Jim Patrick
2007 – John Gullick
2008 – Terry Ross and Craig Hartwig
2009 – Dan Wilson
2010 – Dennisa and Julie Moore
2011 – Bobby Gibson
2012 – Chuck Warner
2013 – David L. Williams
2014 – Ed Petitti
2015 – Don Leutz


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