2015 Silver Classic Preserved

“Nezzie” received the 2015 Silver Classic Preserved Award.

“Nezzie” is a 1948 26 ft F.S. Crate Triple Cockpit Runabout powered by a Chris Craft 200 hp WB engine.  She received the Silver recognition at the 2015 ACBS International Boat Show held at Gull Lake in Minnesota.

She is owned by Andrew and Cristin Robb who are members of the Southern New England Chapter of ACBS.

FS Crate & Sons were a small time boat building shop located in Keswick ONT on Lake Simcoe. They reportedly built custom fishing boats, small craft, utilities, runabouts and cruisers. A fire in the 1950s destroyed their shop and whatever records they had, leaving behind no information about the history of their boats. The shop closed soon after and the Crate family continued on in the Marina and Chris Craft dealership business throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Silver Awards are presented to boats that are judged to be worthy of 87 through 91 points. At the Annual International Boat Show held at Gull Lake, Minnesota, 16 Silver Awards in total were presented to boats in various classes.

This picture from the 2015 Boat Show is contributed by Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service, a sponsor of ACBS.

Here is a list of the 2015 Boat Show Winners. In the coming weeks, this website will continue to show pictures of the 2015 winning boats. The 2015 Annual ACBS Meeting and International Boat Show was held at Gull Lake, Minnesota.  It was hosted by the Bob Speltz Land-o-Lakes Chapter of ACBS.

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