Report and pictures submitted by Rick Simmons, President of the Dixieland Chapter of ACBS.

The Dixieland Chapter held their annual Pickwick Lake Boat Show on the beautiful Tennessee River.  

The event was held on October 13, 14 and 15.  Anthony Davison was the event’s host and did a splendid job coordinating all of the activities.  

The highlight of the show centered around the efforts of a new member, Sam Evans.  Sam brought 4 boats that were each unique and unusual.  (He lives across the river!)  

One of Sam’s boats won the People’s Choice award.  The boat is a 1959 Lone Star Meteor named “Lamb Chop“.  The boat is fiberglass with a Mercury Outboard sitting on the stern.


The Captain’s Choice award was won by Gary Dick’s 1959 Marinette.  The boat is all aluminum with a 30′ foot length.  Her name is “Lady Nostalgia“.

Tom Brilley’s 1968 19′ Lyman was chosen as Most Original.  Her name is “Irish Rover“.

That looks like “Aquabird” in the background. She is a 1959 American Marc 15′ Star model with a 90 hp Evinrude owned by Al & Gayla Goldstayn.

Thanks, Rick, for sharing these pictures and the fun of the Pickwick event.

Here is a quote from the Dixieland Chapter website:

These are pictures of the Dixieland Chapter having fun.  We boat, we talk about boats, we show our boats and if you have an old woodie you know we also work on them.  We are a diverse group of antique boating enthusiasts and would welcome new members.  We share information and would love talking with you about your boat.  If you don’t have an antique or classic boat we can assist you in finding your own.

Many Fall Foliage Tours and even Chapter Annual Meetings are being held.  We hope you share what is going on in your chapter by sending a report and pictures to to be shared on this website.

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