Report and photographs by Forrest Bryant, member of Heartland Classics Chapter.  Forrest and Kally Bryant were guests on the Mountain View Woodies Chapter’s Antique and Classic Boat Fall Foliage Cruise.

Kally and I planned a trip to Maine. As part of our trip planning, I checked the ACBS website to see if there were any chapter events in the area while we would be there.

Mountain View Woodies Classic Boat Club Chapter had their annual 2017 Fall Foliage Tour scheduled for Saturday, October 7th. There was a phone number for Rick Filiau, the event coordinator. I made a call to Rick, who responded, “sure, you are welcome to show up at 9:30 at Long Lake Marina and we will have a boat for you to ride in. Now I was more excited about the Maine trip because it now included classic boats. How lucky could we get?

Kally and I arrived at the marina first after 9 am on Saturday just in time to help one of the chapter members launch a couple of boats. More classic boats started showing up at the Naples public docks about a block from the Long Lake Marina. We were informed that we should wait at the marina dock and that they were sending a boat over to pick us up. After about a ten minute wait, a very cool 1967 22’ Lyman runabout named the Mayor’s Office made a perfect approach and landing at the dock. Chris and Leslie Cushman introduced themselves and said, “hop aboard, we’re your boat ride for the day.”

Chris is the owner of Androscoggin Wooden Boat Works in Wayne, Maine. He, according to several chapter members is the local authority on Lyman restoration and judging by the number of Lymans at the event and the fact he knew or worked on most, I was convinced.

Kally and I climbed aboard the Lyman and Chris maneuvered over to the public docks where we joined the other chapter members for coffee and donuts with the option of a little shot of Bailey’s in your coffee. There was a wide variety of boats and I think the final number was 22 or 23 total. A little after 10 am we headed up Long Lake for the cruise with our final destination being lunch at The Old Mill Restaurant in Harrison, Maine. The Old Mill was just a short walk up the street from the marina. The lodge decor featured open beams and numerous antiques and taxidermy. The food and service were great and we met and talked boats with a number of new boating friends. After lunch, we walked back to the Harrison docks and checked out all the boats, then loaded up for the 12 mile ride back to Naples.

The foliage was just getting a good start due to the weather being on the warm side with no freeze or cooler weather to help the leaves turn. We were probably a week or so away from peak color but what was there was beautiful compared to what we get at home in Missouri.

On our return ride to Naples, we saw several Loons and some amazing lake and boathouses. Our ride to Harrison was bright, sunny and warm and the return trip was cloudy, a little cooler and a hint of rain. We arrived back at the Naples public docks a little after 4 pm. What a wonderful day on Long Lake in Maine with some great boaters, especially our boat hosts Chris and Leslie. We can’t thank you enough. We are already talking about a return trip next year.

This comment came to the Bryants from Rick Filiau, President of the Mountain View Woodies:

 I really wish we could get more people to come for the cruise.  I love having all the boats, but I also love having extra people in the boats to be able to chat and enjoy the ride.

Thanks, Forrest Bryant, for this report and pictures.  Forrest is the editor of Mahogany & Chrome, the news magazine of the Heartland Classics Chapter where this article first appeared.


    • Gerry, there are 12 Egg Harbor boats belonging to currently active ACBS members. We’d love to add you and your 1966 classic boat to our membership.

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