ACBS Members now have the 2018 Spring Rudder Magazine in their homes.

The Spring Issue of Rudder is full of interesting information and history, AND beautiful photography. It is providing hours of fun and educational reading, plus looking good on the coffee table.  Have you considered sharing it with friends and family?

If you are NOT a member of ACBS yet, here is a chance to receive one free copy of the Rudder (past issue) – just so you get the vision and feel of this quality magazine.

Sign up here for your FREE issue of the Rudder.

Active members rank getting this award-winning magazine four times a year as one of the prime benefits of membership in the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  The quarterly magazine includes human interest stories, some technical advice, some historical lessons, news of the organization, and always gorgeous pictures of boats and boating events. 

If you are a member but happen to be away from your mailbox, you may read the articles you want in the current issue by going to the Members Only section and looking under the RESOURCES tab.  You’ll find access to the full digital copy of most Rudder issues from more than ten years. 

Packaged with the Spring Rudder is the “Boat the Blue” booklet containing details and registration forms for the entire week of the International Annual Meeting and Boat Show with pre-event boating excursions to be held at Port Huron, Michigan, September 9 – 15.  This year, for the first time, ACBS Members may register for pre-events hosted by the Michigan Chapter and ACBS events ONLINE with one payment.

This 2018 Spring Issue of the Rudder includes messages from our Executive Director Dan Gyoerkoe and ACBS President Rich Lepping. And of course, the Classifieds!

This particular issue includes:

    Judging Guidelines / Boatshow Info  
  • Readers’ Opinions
  • Calendar of Events – a full schedule of exciting destinations!
    Lake Hopatcong
    Wine Country 
  • BOAT THE BLUE – Port Huron 2018
    Legendary Boat Builder Gar Wood
    Jim Clary: Artist of official 2018 poster
  • ACBS Annual Meeting / Boatshow
  • Andres Værnéus – Swedish boat restorer and historian
  • PURPLE HAZE: a Shepard’s story
  • THE GAUGE – Keeping Busy by Staying Involved / Brian L. Lawson
  • BEST PRESERVED – Mullins and Monogamy
  • THE ACBS TRADING DOCK –  ACBS Classified Advertising

There are 44 advertisers, too.  The ads are colorful, informative, and most importantly, a resource for all nautical needs.

Chris Eden is the editor.  He is supported by contributors of articles and pictures which make this magazine one to read cover to cover as well as proudly display on your coffee table.

You must submit information for the Calendar of Events through this website.  Deadlines are as follows:

December 1    for Winter Issue
March 1           for Spring issue
June 1             for Summer issue
September 1   for Fall issue

Classified Ads should also be submitted through this website at any time for the website and by the above dates for Rudder issues.

The Rudder is mailed to all Active Members of the Antique and Classic Boat Society four times each year.  Become a regular recipient of your own copies by Joining ACBS.

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