The 38th Annual Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival had four days of beautiful Florida weather and a record crowd. This year, “The Festival of Speed Event” joined forces with the Sunnyland Chapter and featured beautiful exotic cars along with stunning mahogany boats. The City of Tavares provided a new floating dock system that accommodated over 70 boats in the water and every boat slip was occupied.

The event started Thursday with the quarterly ACBS meeting at the Mission Inn. The ACBS staff along with representatives from numerous chapters were in attendance. 

This year we teamed of with “Festival of Speed” and added a new dimension to the show with some exotic cars. This huge car show drew a totally new and different crowd and the City streets were pack with spectators. When you combine the Cars with Old Boats, Woody cars and Amphicars, there is literally something for everybody. When you add it all up, we had over 70 boats in the water, 55 on land display and another 45 boats in the “Field of Dreams”. 10 Woody cars, 9 Amphicars, 63 Flea Market vendors. This year The Antique Out Board Motor Club (AOMCI) came in force with the most outstanding display of vintage outboard motors and boats. Their area was lined with high quality hardware and you could barely walk thru all the spectators.

Over 200 Sunnyland Volunteers working on 33 different committees is what makes the show work. Our show signals the start of the boating season and can be compared to a “Family Re-union” or a “Home coming” event. Our 38th annual event was a huge success.
The date for the show next year is, March 19-20-21-22, 2020

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