By Alicia Boardman, Chesapeake Bay Chapter

For the last two years, Annapolis Boat Shows has given us the incredible opportunity to host several boats in water. As a Chapter, we have been showing boats at the Annapolis Boat Show for more than 15 years but never in water. We usually have a little spot in the corner for a few trailered boats. So to have a prestigious spot right in the middle of all the action is quite impressive. 

In 2021, we managed to get 7 boats there and we had a blast. Really getting to know our chapter members and spending some really rare moments in the Annapolis waterfront. 

What an experience! I never thought we would get this opportunity again!

Then in 2022 Bob Hamilton, our beloved chapter president announced that we would indeed get this unique opportunity again!

I wanted to jump at the chance but having been there in 2021, I didn’t want to be a boat show hog so I passed for other members of our chapter to get the experience of this unique opportunity. 

The thing that is so unique about this show is that they actually build the show around you. Our boats need to be in place Monday and the show doesn’t actually open until Thursday. I had heard that we had about 8 boats scheduled to make an appearance and was looking forward to going down and hanging out with some of our members but then… Hurricane Ian came up the east coast and rained down on the east coast! One thing about woodie boaters, they don’t like the idea of having their boat in the water in the rain or having it in the water and locked up somewhere where they can’t get it out! You can imagine my excitement when I got the call to have “Moby Dick” in the water for the show. 

We had the most fun, my son and I got to spend the whole week in Annapolis in Ego Alley on Moby Dick in the middle of the greatest show on earth ( if you are a boater, 2 years in a row) Wow! How membership has it’s perks!

Patches is a 1929 Richsrdson Cruiseabout owned by Paul Spadaro. 

We are having way too much fun! From Left to right Lois Duffy, Bob Hamilton, Alicia Boardman, Fred Delevan, Eileen Powers, Kathy Wilson, Paul Spadaro, Stanley Boardman and Linda Kay.

We probably had close to 300 people on Moby Dick the 4 days of the boat show and during that time I just realized that all this time we are trying to find members that have boats… I think we should be trying to find members who like old boats and we can eventually find them a boat. 

The hard thing about the Annapolis Boat Show is leaving! Really It’s Sunday night you have had the most fun ever and then just like that it’s 5pm and they begin to breakdown the entire show right before you eyes. More that 3 acres of floating docks are disassembled. They actually have a breakdown party at Pusser’s Bar across the water where folks gather to watch this very impressive symphony of boats. Our boats are actually inside the alley and behind a floating bridge and we are among the last to go. It can be a little dicey given the weather on the Chesapeake Bay and how far you have to go. 

Stanley Boardman had no problem cruising up the river in his 1989 Boston Whaler.

Luke Phipps actually had to back his 50’ 1980 Post all the way out of Ego Alley and then all the way out of the flotilla of floating docks in which he received a standing screaming ovation from the over joyous crowd at Pusser’s Bar. 

Patches had the furthest trek with 3 hours to the Magothy River. Thankfully, Paul was surrounded by his son and son’s friend and fellow member Greg DiBlasi. A three hour tour in the dark can only be made on a nearly 100 year old boat by good friends…


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