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At the Saturday Night Awards Dinner held during Vintage Boat Week in Bay Harbor, MI, Awards Committee Chairman, Don Leutz announced the winners of ACBS’s annual Chapter awards and perpetual trophies. Congratulations go to…

Chapter of the Year: Columbia Willamette Chapter and Heartland Classics Chapter

Founders Award: Wil Vidal, Glacier Lakes

Mary Herwig Award: Corrine Lucas, Pacific Northwest

Rover Award: Rita Adams & Kathy Rhodes, Toronto

Hagerty Safety Award:  John Gullick, Toronto

Broken Gunwale: Ed Andrews, Mid-Atlantic

Spirit of the Sport Award: Jeff Oppenheimer, Indiana 

Terry Fiest Award: Carmen DeLeo, Mid-Atlantic


      Large Membership – Sheerline: Sunnyland, Bill Robbins, Editor

      Mid Size Membership – Brightwork: Finger Lakes, Tom Beardsley, Editor

      Small Size Membership –The Hull Truth: Columbia Willamette, Wendy Nelson, Editor 


      First Place – Blue Ridge, Scott Perkins, webmaster

      Second Place – Inland Empire, Sheena Kerfoot, webmaster

Chapter Growth Awards:

      France Chapter- Highest Percentage of Increase

      Chesapeake Bay Chapter – Highest Number Gained

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