By Randy Cunningham member of the Blue Ridge chapter

Having progressed from a 1968 Glassmaster Tri-Hull fiberglass boat to a 1955 Chris Craft Capri started a new adventure into ACBS and antique and classic boating. Then finding a very rare and desirable 1965 Philbrick and restoring it to a level that made us feel comfortable at shows was very rewarding. However, it very soon became apparent that there was a void for a good user boat for family fun. Not really being pontoon boat type people, we began looking for a unique fiberglass boat for the family to use. I found a 1978 Chris Craft Super Sport on Ebay at a boat yard in Indiana. It had been traded in on a new boat by the original owners and needed a lot of TLC and it had no trailer. We purchased the boat and proceeded to bring it back to its original glory, but being careful not to make it so nice that the kids, grandkids, dogs, and family couldn’t us it.

The Chris Craft Essential Guide says that there were just 117 hulls made of this model 17’ super sport and all were yellow, exterior and interior. The engine is a 305K V-8 and the boat has factory trim tabs which I think is pretty unique.

The boat has become a family favorite because it is very easy to use and maneuver, and makes a great ski or tubing vehicle. We have taken it to a few shows and the reaction has been very positive. We love and enjoy the wooden boats but I will say that there is a certain feeling of relaxation and stress release in taking out THE YELLOW BOAT.

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