Payette Lakes’ Best Non-Wood Award went to “Love American Style!”.

She is a 1972 21’ Campbell Day Cruiser owned by Jerry & Lori Frank.

Jerry grew up with this boat.  As a kid, it was my Uncle’s boat that my Dad loved dearly (both have passed). She is a red white and blue, hand laid, wooden and fiberglass boat.

She was built by the Campbell Brothers out of Burbank, California. These boats are no longer made and rare to find a (Fiberclassic).  She has an inboard with a 454 LS6 producing about 400 horsepower and a V-drive. 

Jerry and Lori were a blast to have at the Payette Lakes show in Idaho!  They jumped right in (literally in the water) with their red and blue Americana matching swimsuits and spent the day at the docks telling admirers all about the history of not only their boat but other boats around them as well! 

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