by Greg Finch member of the Rocky Mountain Classics chapter

I grew up in Toronto, so I spent a lot of time in the Muskoka Lakes area of Ontario in the 60’s. I have such great memories of the woodies from those days. Most of which were built right there, with a few Century’s as well. I moved to California as a young professional but never lost my desire to have one.
We moved to Colorado and built a house on Grand Lake, I started to think seriously about getting a wood boat. We flew back to Cincinnati and visited Lou Rauh at ABC and looked at 100 vintage boats. Lou picked up pretty quickly that I had neither the time nor qualifications to restore a boat. Lou took me down to the River and demo’d a Fish Brothers barrelback,four hours later I ordered one then six months after that it was delivered right out of the Fish Bros shop. She looks just like a ‘39, but runs like a bat outa well you know, with a 357 Merc engine. Love of my life.

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