By Mike Erstad member of Glacier Lakes chapter

I purchased my Century Resorter last year from Charles who lives about one hour east of me… He’s on his 16th restoration now, and Charles has been not only a big help but has become a friend, traveling over at least 4 times to take a look at my work. For a 63 year old boat she looked in pretty good shape with very little dry rot. But after removing the bottom planks and exposing the oil soaked frames, I found that several needed replacing along with all the frame braces and battens. With that done I installed half inch Okoume plywood from the transom forward, finishing with steam bent mahogany planks the last 6 feet or so…all held down with 3M 5200 and Stainless Steel screws.. After taping off the water line I applied 3 coats of Smiths epoxy sealer followed by 3 coats of 2000E epoxy coating and Bronze hard bottom paint. With the Century Resorter still upside down I stripped, sanded and faired her sides and transom.

Yesterday I received Je’ld stain from Mike at Lake Oswego Boat Co. I’ve used filler stain in the past and that worked fine, but I’m hoping the Je’ld stain will be easier to apply and turns out just as well or better. Once I get the sides stained, I’ll give it a week for drying, then seal it with 4 coats of Smiths epoxy sealer before applying varnish.

Living in Northern Wisconsin we have fairly long winters, but working on the Century has been a joy and helped pass the time quickly.
The Fun Continues.


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