The 2017 BSLOL Rendezvous was one of our most successful ever in terms of participation, spectators and media coverage, despite a rainy show day. But for 2018 the BSLOL’s board is taking a bold step, making boat registration free for all participants who sign up by August 16th. It’s recognition of the commitment you make to prepare and show your boat. And it’s made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. In addition, if you sign up by August 16th, the club will be offering the annual Rendezvous Dinner at Lord Fletcher’s for just $25 per person – a $40 value- because we want you all to be there for one of the most memorable evenings of the season.


In return for the free registration for this year’s show, we ask one thing: That you reach out to spectators and spread the word about the fun and camaraderie of vintage boating and the advantages of BSLOL membership.

It’s important that we continue to grow the club with more new members and the next generation. As you know, there’s a wide misunderstanding among the general public about the cost of buying a vintage boat and the cost and complexity of upkeep. The accessibility and fun of our hobby will be the focus of our outreach to publications and television stations as we make our PR push.

Lord Fletchers also provides the perfect place to offer boat rides to people interested in the hobby. While we want to keep the docks full for the show, we are looking for a few volunteers that can offer short rides on an informal basis. If you’re willing to help with rides or other aspects of the event, please reach out to Steve Shoop at [email protected].

Please join us for a spectacular weekend on Lake Minnetonka. Let’s make the 2018 show one to remember!

Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge is located at 3746 Sunset Dr, Spring Park, MN

As a courtesy to our generous sponsor Lord Fletcher’s, we ask that you not bring outside food or beverages.


It takes place on September 7th and 8th at Minnetonka’s perfect venue: Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge on Lake Minnetonka, with ample slips, great food and drink and plenty of room for land displays. Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge is located at 3746 Sunset Dr, in Spring Park, MN


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  1. We were fortunate to have attended a BSLOL event a few years back that they held on the St. Croix & Mississippi Rivers. We knew not a single person when we arrived for the event with our outboard “user boat.”. The members went out of the way to include us in both the scheduled and non-scheduled activities during the show and cruise event. We would highly recommend this as a group that welcomes ACBS members from other chapters.

    This new idea of not charging participants makes total sense if we want to grow the attendance of boats and members at shows and cruising events. Well done BSLOL.

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