By Dan Gyoerkoe, Executive Director for ACBS

I learned early on members of ACBS are always more than happy to help, i.e. launching a boat, docking a boat, diagnosing an engine issue, etc.

Last fall my wife accepted a new job and we relocated to an area 2.5 hours away from the ACBS headquarters (Clayton, NY). When Stacy resigned in January, the office was closed until new staff was hired. I spend a couple of days each month at the ACBS headquarters to check on the building (ACBS owns the building) and to take care of printing and mailing membership renewal forms.

This past Monday I visited the ACBS headquarters, and I was surprised to see how overgrown the shrubs were because I had hired a person to take care of the outside areas.

After I returned home, I was looking at my calendar to plan a return trip with my yard tools when I received an email from Randy Fletcher and Heidi Szonn, Officers of the Thousand Islands Chapter, with photos of the work they did to clean up the outside area of the building.

They did an amazing job!

A heartfelt thank you to Randy and Heidi!


    • A “True” Thank you to Heidi an Randy !
      Wish l was able to help.
      The photographs look so much better.
      I am a member of the Blackhawk Chapter
      Sincerely Walter Goes

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