By Abraham Joseph Fiolek

Back story on the boat…Milton Moore (pictured on left in top image) owned the boat for over 23 years, and was a long-time member of the Michigan ACBS Chapter.  The boat is a 1952 Chris-Craft U18 Sportsman, with a 95hp, 6 cyl model K Chris-Craft engine.  He bought the boat as an anniversary gift for him and his wife.  Milton and his beloved wife, Roselynn, were high school sweethearts graduating in 1952.  That’s where the name, Class of 52, comes from. 

I was born and raised in Wyandotte, Michigan, and I still live downriver Michigan. Being the closest of friends my whole life with the Moore’s  grandson, Jesse, I’m considered family and vice versa. 

When the day came that Milton could no longer care for the boat,  he searched for its new owner.  After turning down various offers over the years, I was lucky enough to fit the bill.  With little convincing, and Roselynn on my side, Milton agreed to sell the Chris-Craft to me. 

I am now the new preserver of art, proud owner of the Chris-Craft!


My Instagram @downriver_chriscraft

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