To all Members,

As part of a member organization, it is incumbent upon all of us to be caretakers of the financial wellbeing of ACBS.  As a Board of Directors, we take fiduciary responsibility very seriously.  At our recent Fall Planning and Budgeting meeting we performed our fiscal wellness check. Results were ok, but not great.  Over the past several years Dan and the Board have done everything we could to control costs and grow revenue, while building and enhancing all member services. 

It was determined that a small increase to the membership dues is need for the coming year.  This will allow us to contend with inflationary pressures and attrition as we have had our membership count drop by over 1000 since 2018.  We continually strive to enrich member benefits through multiple offerings and programs to include the New Rudder, member directory, Chapter engagement/support, insurance programs, Hagerty’s GREAT discount program and a huge enhancement of social media and website presence.  The Board was in unanimous agreement in increasing our dues by $10 per year to a total $65 beginning in 2022. 

However, we want to give all members the chance to renew at the current rate of $55, so we are delaying the dues increase until February 1st. Please take this opportunity to renew your membership over the next month.

Thanks to all of you for your unwavering support.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

I wish clear skies and calm seas to all of you for the New Year!

Rob Lyons, ACBS President




  1. An 18% dues increase seems a bit high. I have renewed for 2022 but will take a long look at 2023; just not sure of the value.

  2. Hi Rob
    And a Hopeful & Happy New Year to all and a special thanks to all of you who manage to carve out time to serve our hobby.
    I have been involved since the late 70’s and helped start our chapter
    (Chesapeake Bay) here in 82 so I have of course the passion and some understanding of ‘volunteerism’.
    Our greatest resource is our biggest challenge, youth, and how we can encourage and get them
    Involved and committed.
    We have dabbled, with some minor short term success but it has been all but lost.
    I do not know if there is a standing committee for youth development but welcome the opportunity to be a part of same.
    Sunnyland has done well in that department ( we belong to that chapter also) and others as well
    that can share ideas that others can implement.
    In my retirement years I
    am making this a GOAL
    to help build a successful
    program for CBC.
    Your thoughts please !
    Hope to meet you along the way.

    Chuck Warner

  3. Hi Rob,
    Thanks to you and everyone at ACBS for all of the hard work! The $65 per year membership is a small pittance of what we and our friends “invest” in for our wooden boat hobby and overall recreation. ACBS is the glue that holds it all together and helps us meet other vintage boat enthusiasts coast to coast. Thank you again to you and everyone else who gives their time to ACBS in the quest to keep the organization thriving! So very much appreciated.

  4. Totally Good with the $10 increase in the Annual Dues. I have been a Member of The ACBS for 20 years and plan on continuing. Thank You for all that the Society does to enhance and preserve the Wonderful World of Wood Boats……………and Classic Fiberglass too!

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