The Antique & Classic Boat Society is dedicated to connecting people who love and enjoy classic boats.

Membership in the Society provides access to an active community of classic boat enthusiasts and a broad range of resources. 

Since its founding in 1975 on the shores of Lake George, New York, The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) has grown into the largest society in the world dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of classic boats. We embrace all styles of classic wood, fiberglass and metal boats.

With 6,800 family memberships (approximately 11,500 individuals), ACBS connects people with the common interest in classic boats to share fellowship, information, experiences and ideas.

Each year ACBS Chapters organize more than 100 classic boat shows, boating events, and gatherings throughout North America. There is truly something for everyone.

Mission Statement

ACBS is a membership-based association dedicated to connecting people who love and enjoy classic boats with events, information, expertise, and other people who share the passion. We serve our members and chapters, internationally, by providing information, education, and resources designed to promote, sustain and grow the hobby, professions, community, and lifestyle surrounding the safe enjoyment of classic boats and boating.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the first name that comes to mind for all things related to classic boats. ACBS is driven to be the primary source of information and access to resources for owners of classic boats and those who love them, as well as the professional community that surrounds classic boating. The association strives to maintain the relationships, resources, and business model needed to achieve these goals.


Joseph W. Fleming II

Edward Larter Jr.

Ray Nelson

Anthony O’Boyle

G. Mason Saunders

Munro Sherrill

William Smith

John R. Summers

Charter Members

William F. Beach
Captain John C. Binley
John H. Blair
Robert H. Bleiler
John M. Boardman
John P. Bremer
Vincent Callahan
Herbert G. Clopper
Gordon Cramer
Lee Dow
Gregory Feldman
Patricia Feldman
Robert M. Fell
Joseph W. Fleming III
Donn E. Gauger
Clement G. Hartley
Godfrey Howard
Gene Irish
James Irwin Jr.
George F. Johnson

William H. D. Jones
James G. Kiernan
Bonnie V. Koopman
Ronald C. Largey
Richard Larrabee
Thomas H. Luce
Wayne Mocksfield
Dr. Ronald Montana
Drayton H. Mook
Howard D. Mook II
William J. Morgan
Richard P. Morrison
Francis P. Mulderry
Barbara A. Nelson
Charles R. Nelson
Jean Nelson
Judge Fred Patton
John A. Pittala
John F. Prendergast
Donald G. Price

Helen Reynolds
Laurance T. Reynolds
Dr. Rolf O. Ronning
George Searle
Philip P. Sharples
Clifford E. Shipman
Jeanette Sherrill
Barbara C. Smith
Adrienne C. Snelling
Charles D. Snelling
David P. Symonds
Robert W. Valpey
Merritt Vaughan
Newman E. Wait Jr.
Frank Warner
Richard Winsor
Thomas H. Wiss
David M. Woodcock
Patrick Young
Edward J. Zibro Jr.