The Antique and Classic Boat Society recognizes with appreciation Cedar Ridge Boat Works as the Associate Member of the Week.  

The Associate level of membership gives extra support to ACBS. Michael Freel and Vaughn Rye formed the company in 2012 and joined ACBS as Associate Members in 2013.  They also have a membership in the Water Wonderland Chapter of ACBS.  

In 2013 Cedar Ridge Boat Works joined with Tassier Boat Works.  Here is the description of the company on their website:

Welcome to Tassier Boat Works & Cedar Ridge Boat Works.
Two companies, One goal…Your complete satisfaction! 
Tassier Boat Works, Inc. is located on the water in the beautiful Les Cheneaux Islands in northern Lake Huron. Tassier’s (TAY’ SEE) is a full service marina that has been restoring, building and maintaining antique wooden boats and canoes since 1940. Cedar Ridge Boat Works is a small boat shop, specializing in custom and original wood boat restorations. Our unique shop offers over 40 years of meticulous wood craftsmanship and marine engine experience. Our owners/craftsman do all of the restoration work.

Located in the beautiful Les Cheneaux Islands, in the Lake Huron Coastal Town of Cedarville, Michigan 

The Antique and Classic Boat Society appreciates the extra support given to our organization by Associate Members.  Click here to see this year’s list of Associate Members.

If you or your business would like to support the Antique and Classic Boat Society by being an ACBS Associate Member, you may join here or contact ACBS Executive Director Dan Gyoerkoe at [email protected] or call (315) 686-2628.

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