Did you know that the Antique and Classic Boat Society has an Awards Season, too?

This Awards Program puts PEOPLE and CHAPTERS in the spotlight.  The Awards are presented at the ACBS Annual Meeting and International Boat Show Awards Banquet in September, but the nomination and selection process begins now – with YOU!

Nominations must be sent to the Awards Committee by June 30th … so be aware of what Awards are available and start thinking now about who and what in your chapter deserves recognition.

What should you be doing now?

Chapter Publications: Each issue of your chapter’s publications should be sent to the four committee members by mail, or if yours is sent only electronically, then put the committee members on your email list.

Chapter Website: Would you believe that the committee looks at your social media periodically throughout the year?  They do!  You don’t have to do a thing except keep it up to date.


  • … who has been the backbone of your chapter over time? They should be nominated for the Mary Herwig Award.
  • … what cruise you’ve been on with your boat? Are you glad it was planned?  Nominate the organizer for the Rover Award.
  • … a well-written safety article.  The author may be the one to receive the Hagerty Safety Award – but only if you send in a nomination.
  • … recognition for your whole chapter!  What is good about it?  What has the chapter accomplished?  Let the Awards Committee know why your chapter should be The ACBS Chapter of the Year.
  • … and of course, in the spirit of fun and good humor, is there an incident that should be commemorated with the Broken Gunwale Award?

All of these awards are described more fully on the Awards page found under the About Us tab in the top menu of this website. You may click on any of the green award titles on this page to see who has been recognized in the past. 

The criteria for each Award is fully described for members in the Chapter Handbook which is found under the Resources tab in the Members Only site.  Further questions may be directed to Don Leutz, Awards Committee Chair,  leutz@inreach.com

What’s going on in your chapter?

photos by Joe Fleming taken at the 2017 ACBS Awards Banquet

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  1. Well done Don and Sylvia! We have a lot of great people, chapters, events and visionaries. Let’s share stories and show our award winning newsletters and web sites! Can’t wait to see who these deserving people are.

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