The ACBS Awards Program is designed to:

  • Further the goals of the Society.
  • Encourage its members and chapters to set higher standards and to constantly work toward those objectives.
  • Recognize outstanding achievement.

Terry Fiest Award: This is a new annual award sponsored by the Sunnyland Chapter  and serves to recognize the dedication, leadership, and vision of an individual Chapter member(s) which has served as a Boat Show Chairperson, Judge, or volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding sustained performance at a Chapter’s premier Boat Show Event.

Chapter of the Year: Since 2010, this award is given to recognize one or more chapters who have been particularly outstanding in their development, activities, member participation, and other areas of improvement during the year.  History of Chapter of the Year Winners

Mary Herwig Award: This award was donated by the Manotick Classic Boat Club and is awarded for the purpose of honoring an individual who, through activities at the chapter level, has contributed broadly and in an outstanding manner to further the aims and objectives of the society.  History of the Mary Herwig Award Winners.

Chapter Publication Award: Since 1985, this award is given to recognize the efforts of our chapters and their outstanding communication with their members. Beginning in 2012, for the purpose of judging, the chapter publications were placed into one of three groups based on the size of the membership in each chapter. (small, medium, and large)  History of Chapter Publication Awards

Chapter Website: Each year ACBS recognizes the effort of our chapters and their volunteers in communicating with their members and the public through a website.  History of Best Chapter Website Winners

Rover Award: Donated by the Toronto Chapter, this trophy is awarded for the purpose of recognizing outstanding effort by an individual or group in the organization and implementation of an on water event encouraging the use of classic boats for the enjoyment of the chapter members.  History of the Rover Award Winners

Hagerty Safety Award: Generously provided by Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance of Traverse City, MI, this award is given to an individual(s) who has published an outstanding article on boating safety. The award carries with it a monetary honorarium and each recipient’s name is engraved on a perpetual Trophy retained at ACBS Headquarters. History of Hagerty Safety Award Winners

Broken Gunwale Award: Donated by the Finger Lakes Chapter this award is given in the spirit of fun and good humor and presented to any individual or group which has “distinguished” itself in a memorable way while participating in an ACBS cruise or boat show.  A perpetual trophy displaying the names of recipients is retained at the ACBS office and is awarded only when an appropriate event or incident deserves “commemoration”.  History of Broken Gunwale Award Winners

Chapter Growth Award: This award is given to recognize the chapters with the greatest increase in the number of members during the year. Chapters are grouped by small, medium, and large.  History of Chapter Growth Awards

Founders Award: This award was donated by the Michigan Chapter and the winner is chosen annually by past recipients. This award recognizes outstanding lifetime achievement in furthering the goals of The Antique and Classic Boat Society. A permanent plaque is displayed at the ACBS office, while each recipient is presented with a memento.  History of ACBS Founders Award Recipients

ACBS President’s Cup: This award is given annually by the President of the Society to recognize and honor an individual whose dedication and contributions to ACBS during the year has been exemplary.  History of President’s Cup Recipients

Major Benefactor Award: This award was donated by the Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter and given at the discretion of the ACBS Board of Directors in recognition of major donations to the Society having a minimum value of $10,000. A permanent plaque displaying the names of all recipients is retained at ACBS Headquarters, while each recipient is honored with an appropriate memento of their generosity.  

2003 – Lindsey Hopkins III
2004 – Ray and Mary Keating
2006 – Jim Shotwell
2007 – Nick & Steve Lamando, Hall’s Marina