Story and Photos by Lee Heard (Heard Photo), Blue Ridge ACBS Member

The roar of large marine engines pumping out hundreds of horsepower each pierces the silence as I made my way down to dock A on Lake Lanier Islands Margaritaville resort. Huge, powered catamarans and immense cigarette boats flew by at breakneck speed during the annual 2022 Pirates of Lanier Poker Run. Dock A, nestled back amongst the shore off to itself, was set aside by Lanier Partners ( to host the antique and classic boat section of the 2022 Pirates of Lanier Poker Run.

“Pressure Makes Diamonds”. This boat can reach speeds exceeding 180mph.

Strolling across the dock I first take note of a 1960 Chris-Craft 24’ Sportsman which appeared showroom new as it floated there serenely on the lake. Looked the boat over from bow to stern I could tell whoever the owner is takes great pride in the history and condition of this beautiful craft. There was not one flaw in its wooden hull. The sunset sinking in the distance I sat down to snap a photo of this seemingly living work of art.


Moving on to the next row of boats I come across a 1928 Frank & McCrary’s 30-foot stock family cruiser named “Miracle”. This craft was equally as impressive and in amazing shape for its age with its white sides and wooden enclosed cabin. “Miracle” was the largest of all the antique boats on the dock with its spacious interior clad with all original port holes and ornate woodwork including mahogany. Stepping inside the spacious cabin the patina of antique mahogany imitates throughout the interior of the vessel. From the galley, lounging area, and on into the forward berth attention to detail was kept throughout the entire length of this amazing craft.

Stepping back onto the dock I rest my eyes on a sleek swift looking craft named “nuisance”. With its streamlined edges and deep woodgrain, the boat looked like it was running 100 knots just sitting there bobbing ever so slightly in the water. The setting sun glistening off its starboard side flickered it’s already golden named into my camera lens. Reimagining a finite moment of time in this boat’s amazing history since the original boat’s construction in 1925. The history is rich with this work of art. The original boat had competed in the APBA Gold Cup Race in 1925 with a credited speed at the time of 49 miles an hour and a win under her belt. Unfortunately, the original was lost to the sands of time. After the recreation many years ago and since every voyage has been a great memory logged into the journals of time for this amazing vessel.

Moving on down the dock I see the Chris-Craft U22 named “Dawg Days” getting ready for the sunset cruise. Throwing the dock lines away from the dock cleat they push off into the water in their flawless vessel to enjoy the warm waters of Lake Lanier followed shortly thereafter by another Chris-Craft the “Norwegian Son”. All falling into line headed out towards the setting sun to enjoy the view.


At the end of this weekend long event great times were had amongst a great crowd of participants. This being the Blue Ridge Chapter’s first year joining in the Lake Lanier Poker Run resulted in a resounding success and a wonderful partnership hopefully for many years to come. Fun times for a great cause to benefit children’s charities. The best way to expand upon an organization’s horizons is to partner together with an existing event and bring more facets to an already excellent event.


You can also visit the Blue Ridge Chapter’s website to see more images from the weekend And CLICK HERE for an informational video on the 2022 Pirates of Lanier Poker Run event!

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  1. That sure looks like a good time. Beautiful boats and a wonderful event. Thanks for the report and great photography!

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