Tha Antique and Classic Boat Society is featuring the Bay State Woodies Chapter this week.

The Chapter President Bjorn Bakken reports, “The Bay State Woodies Chapter is a small group of enthusiasts that is reviving itself to make itself current to the next generation. We have been reaching out, displaying at non-ACBS shows to find a new audience. And are pleased to have three new people on the board this year, including two new members. We are displaying at the Hartford boat show after a few years absence. We have our traditional “Spring opener” the first Saturday in May, and our boat show the second Saturday in September. A fall foliage ride and picnic is in the planning. We will again display and attend other classic non-ACBS boat shows.”

The Bay State Woodies Chapter, right now this weekend, is exhibiting boats and visiting with the public at the Hartford Boat Show at the Connecticut Convention Center. They are displaying three vintage boats and having someone on hand to answer questions and pique the interest of spectators.  After all, if the visitors came to see boats, they like boats and boating.  Seeing the classics, too, gives them the opportunity to think about having something really unique plus joining an active group of people with that shared interest.

In just a few weeks, it will be time for the Bay State Woodies Spring Opener.  “SHADES OF YESTER-YEARS” will be on Saturday, May 5th. 2018 at Saunders Marina, in Southwick, Massachusettes.  This is for “social” boating and a potluck lunch. Hotdogs and burgers donated by the Saunders family. Launch your boat from the marina or the public docks on the lake.

The Bay State Woodies Chapter invites you to join them for their annual boat show. It’s at LAKE QUINSIGAMOND CLASSIC BOAT SHOW on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Location: Quinsigamond State Park, Worcester, Mass.

Hosted by Baystate Woodies and Regatta Point sailing.

Registration is open for historic, antique and classic boats, wood and fiberglass boats.


The Antique and Classic Boat Society has fifty-three chapters, each adding their own value to the ACBS experience with their own events and the opportunity to really get to know and share with other vintage boat enthusiasts in their own area.

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