Welcome to the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society

We are an organization of people from Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana with a common enthusiasm for antique and classic boats. We provide a unique forum in the tri-state area for the exchange of information about the history, preservation and restoration of these boats with an emphasis on enjoying them out on the water and the camaraderie among our members.

In short: We love classic boats! Come join in the fun!

This is the statement that greets you on the Ohio Valley Chapter’s website.  This chapter was originally chartered as the “Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society” but now has a name that better describes their geographically larger  area of membership and activities.

The Ohio Valley Chapter often hosts a cruise on the Ohio River as well as other get-togethers during the year.

You can see that the membership of the chapter clusters around Cincinnati, but these members also welcome participants in their activities from all around the region.

Are you wondering how you can see the location of the members in your own chapter? 

  • Sign in to the “Members Only” tab from this website
  • Click on “Chapters” and click on a chapter name
  • You will see the interactive map and a list of their current officers

Just one more way to stay connected if you are an ACBS member. 

  • Pictures of individual boats with brief descriptions are included in the Tuesday Tour of Vintage Boats
  • Stories and reports will become one of the news posts which are freshly published nearly on a daily basis

This ACBS website belongs to everyone who appreciates antique and classic boats and boating. We hope you enjoy what is already on the ACBS website and think of ways you can be an active part of this community.

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