The Lake Hopatcong Chapter of ACBS is ready for their big show weekend!

This weekend will find lots of members enjoying the lake, the show, the meals, and most of all the relationships centered around their vintage boats.  It is scheduled for June 22nd and 23rd at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey.

Lake Hopatcong is the largest freshwater lake located in New Jersey.  It covers approximately four square miles.  This little lake is home to many traditions and the source of many beautiful boating pictures.

On the Lake Hopatcong Chapter website, you can read more of the history of this Chapter which can claim to be the First Chapter in the founding of ACBS.  Bob Rice has written, 

The Lake Hopatcong Chapter of The Antique & Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) is based predominantly at Lake Hopatcong, the largest lake in New Jersey with over forty miles of shore line. Two neighboring lakes, Green Pond and Lake Mohawk, have growing populations of antique boaters, as well, with their boats in active use. The membership has been stable over the years with between 135 and 140 at most times.

A source of great pride to our members is the Chapter’s rich history. What is now The Lake Hopatcong Chapter of ACBS played a major role in the founding of the ACBS. How did that happen? Before the ACBS was founded, an enthusiastic group of antique boat owners at Lake Hopatcong saw an alarming trend of wooden boats being used increasingly less and falling into a state of deterioration and neglect. On October 2, 1974 they met at the lakeside home of H. Drayton Mook to form a club to address and reverse this trend. On October 17th, 1974 The Lake Hopatcong Antique Boat Club was formed with the stated goal being, “To encourage our members to acquire, preserve, restore, and exhibit early boats and to enjoy the association of others with similar interests.” One can see a remarkable similarity to the essence of the current Mission Statement of ACBS.

Next June, the ACBS Board of Directors will be holding their summer quarterly meeting as part of this annual event.

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  1. Just wanted to invite all you in the ACBS to a free Patriotic Brass concert this Friday, June 30th. From our house deck. Bring your boat and anchor in front of our house. We are 5 houses north of the Lake Forest Yacht Club on the North end of the lake. Tell your other boat friends.
    Weather permitting.
    I’ll attach the flyer


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