The ACBS International 2015 Boat Show Winners

Pictures in this album were contributed by Forrest Bryant, a Heartland Classics member, and  Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service, a sponsor of ACBS and member of the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter.

ACBS has held an Annual International Boat Show in conjunction with its Annual Meeting since 2002.  The 2015 event was held at Gull Lake near Brainerd, Minnesota. The host chapter was the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter.

Over 100 boats participated in the week-long event.  Many boats were at the show for the enjoyable use by their owners and the enjoyable and appreciative viewing by the thousands who attended.  Of the boats that were entered for judging, most of the winners are pictured in the attached galleries.  Three levels of awards were presented; Platinum for 97-100 points, Gold for 92 through 96, and Silver for 87 through 91 points.

Click here for the list of 2015 ACBS International Boat Show Winners.


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