At the Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival’s Saturday evening dinner, ACBS Board President, Rob Lyons unveiled the newest perpetual trophy, the Terry Fiest Award. Sponsored by the Sunnyland Chapter, the Terry Fiest Award will be given annually to an individual in recognition of their dedication, leadership and vision shown by serving as a show chairperson, judge, or simply as a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding sustained performance within their Chapter.

Rob commented, “For me the absolute highpoint of the show was having the honor of presenting our newest International award to the individual it is named after. Without question honoring Terry Fiest’s name on this award exemplifies the spirit with which it was created and will be given. Those of you that have had the great fortune to know or work with Terry, understand how he personifies the meaning and significance of this award.   A friend to all and one of the greatest champions for our hobby.  A special thanks to the members of the Sunnyland Chapter that lobbied so diligently and in complete secrecy to make this award possible.”

The Terry Fiest Award now joins the twelve other annual awards and perpetual trophies kept at ACBS headquarters. It will be awarded on a yearly basis at the Annual Meeting and International Boat Show, and ACBS Chapters and members are encouraged to make award nominations by email to Awards Committee Chair, Don Leutz at [email protected].

A complete description of all of the ACBS annual awards and perpetual trophies can be found online at


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