Preservation, Restoration, Maintenance, even Enjoyment of all boats, leads to questions from most of us.

Many questions come through this website.  Most are channeled on to experts who can answer the question and give advice.

Some questions might have multiple answers or might need regional suggestions.  Contacting someone in an ACBS Chapter near you will probably be of the most benefit.

Questions and Comments are welcome in the “Leave a Reply” box at the end of each News Post.  Although some questions added to older posts just seem to get lost.  Here is an example:

“I’ve just taken on  CC Commander ’69 for refurbish. On this boat the forward decks are covered in vinyl like carpeting. I’ve never seen this. Was this original? If not what should the decks be? Grateful in advance for any info,
S. Woods Hiawassee, Ga.”

If you can offer an answer, put it in the “Leave a Reply” box below.  

Many Frequently Asked Questions About ACBS are answered on a page found under the Resources tab in the top menu of this website.  These questions are asked and answered – and your additional comments are also welcome:

  • Who is the ACBS ?

  • How do I get a password for the Member’s Only Section?

  • How do I join the ACBS ?

  • I am a member already, where do I find my login information?

  • Do I need a boat to join?

  • Just how old does a boat need to be to be considered an Antique or Classic Boat?

  • My boat is old enough to be a classic, but it is fiberglass or aluminum. Is that a problem?

  • What is the Mission of the ACBS anyway?

  • How is the ACBS Organized?

ACBS members are very generous with the knowledge they have gained about all kinds of boats.  This website is one way to share that knowledge.

ACBS is Your Connection to Classic Boating

The Headline Photo is of Blue Max, a 1955 Chris Craft 42′ Commander owned by Alan Downey on Lake of the Ozarks.  The photo was the closest I could find to the boat in the question posed above. – website editor

Please share your questions and answers along with pictures.  

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