You may have heard that a few weeks ago a boat exploded on Keuka Lake (Hammondsport, NY) during a Wine Country ACBS Chapter event. The people on the boat, Billy and Carol Kistner, posted an update on Woody Boater,

During the initial reporting of the accident, there were some comments about the ACBS Judging Guidelines and safety equipment.

Section F, Judging Criteria, 1-G General Considerations states:

When new equipment of features are added to an entry solely for the purpose of safety, navigation and/or compliance with legal requirements, no deduction from the pint score should occur unless the new item seriously detracts from the “physical appearance” or mechanical condition. When such items are added, they should not, unless it is necessary, displace original features and equipment. No deductions will occur for the following specific exceptions:

  • Electric bilge pump and associated discharge plumbing
  • Fuel vapor detector
  • Navigation compass (small)
  • Bilge blower
  • Depth finder (small)
  • Replacement fuel tank (shaped like original)
  • Modern fuel lines
  • Modern fire extinguisher (not tethered to engine box)
  • Navigation bulbs brighter than the required OEM 1 nm minimum visibility bow/side light bulbs and 2nm visibility stern light.
  • Fuses in electric circuits
  • Battery isolation / selector switch

The complete Judging System document is available from (members website).

Billy and Carol are doing well and hope to attend the ACBS International Boat Show September 20-21 in Alexandria Bay, NY.

Comments and questions can be emailed to The comments and questions and responses will be compiled into a single document and shared with all ACBS members.

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  1. Very nice to hear. I know myself that fuel fumes mean something isn’t right, Don’t dismiss because nothing bad has happened. Yet.

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