Have you ever wondered how to flip a boat so that you can work on the bottom?

In this video, ACBS member, Tom Horn, shows you how using 3-inch wide straps, chain hoists and comealongs. Tom discusses ceiling attachment points, adequate rigging, and equipment needed to lift the boat safely. This technique, says Tom, which requires minimal additional assistance, can save you lots of money on pizza and beer.

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    • Thanks for your question! To view the Flipping a Boat video, log into the ACBS members-only page at myacbs.org. Click Resources, then Videos and it is the second category listed. If you need help logging into myacbs.org, contact the ACBS membership coordinator, Kristina, at (315) 686-2628 or acbsmembership@acbs.org. The office is open Monday-Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm (Eastern).

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