The Antique & Classic Boat Society, Inc. is proud and honored to announce the formation of our newest chapter.

ACBS Scandinavia Chapter

A large group of antique and classic boat enthusiasts in Scandinavia already has events that are long standing traditions. Here is a video filmed during the annual “Free Speed” event held on the canal across Sweden every year in July.

The chapter will include members from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Pictured (left to right) are ACBS President Jeff Funk, Bjorn Bakken representing the Scandinavia Chapter, and ACBS Executive Director Peter Stephens. The proposal for the Scandinavia Chapter to become part of the Antique & Classic Boat Society was unanimously approved at the May 6, 2016, ACBS Board of Directors Meeting in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

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  1. Hello, I am trying to contact Bjorn Bakken but cannot find his email. I am of Norwegian decent having both of my maternal grandparents immigrating from Norway. We will be traveling to Norway this July and it would be great to meet him. Our good friend, Barbara Foster who is our chapter president met Bjorn in Seattle last week and we may travel again for the “Free Speed” event in 2017. Any help with his email would be appreciated.


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