Proudly wear the ACBS logo.

The ACBS Burgee, Cooler Bags (red, black, blue, or green), and Marque Tumblers are purchased from ACBS headquarters.

Shirts, hats, jackets, and more are ordered from Tip Tops of America, Inc. and shipped directly to you. Quality garments can be ordered in any size and color, ordered one at a time or in big batches for a chapter event. The garments may be ordered with the ACBS logo or with a chapter logo. Depending on the garment chosen, the logo image will either be embroidered or screen printed. If a chapter’s logo is not on the selection page, please contact ACBS HQS at 315-686-2628.

Items available through the ACBS Ship Store.


Note: The ACBS Burgee is currently out of stock. 

Cooler bags (12-pk $55 | 24-pk $60) are available too. Prices include shipping.

Orders can be placed and payment made through PayPal or by calling the ACBS office at 315-686-2628.


ACBS Items
Specify Tumbler Logo

Tip Tops of America, Inc. specializes in embroidery but they offer screen printing. The set-up fee is waived to create a chapter logo. The chapter logo remains available in the Tip Tops Design Logo Library.

Or, a chapter logo file can be emailed to [email protected] and added to the Tip Tops Design Logo Library.