Long Island Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society is revitalized and growing!

The Long Island Chapter has some rich history.  Many of their members joined ACBS in the 1970’s.  In recent years, there have been no boat shows or planned meetings although often small groups of friends would get together to work on a boat.  Still, interest prevailed and now new energy and planning have been invested to create an active group.  The payoff?  A 6% membership growth already in 2018!

Monthly Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of the month at the Long Island Maritime Museum88 West Ave, West Sayville, NY. That means you may attend the next meeting on March 13th.

The museum, located on the shore of the Great South Bay, will be the site for the Long Island Chapter’s annual boat show in August. Long Island Maritime Museum is now an Associate Member of ACBS.  They are also listed on this website under the Resources tab in the “Museums” connections.


Robert Williams, president of the chapter reports, “We have committed to help the museum with their May 5th event (130th B’day for Pricilla a sailing vessel), we will help youngsters build model wood boats supplied by the Museum. A few members will bring boats and we will have our membership table.” 

Several members of the Long Island Chapter have contributed pictures and mini-biographies of their boats for the Tuesday Tours of Vintage Boats.  (Those particular Tuesday Tours are attached to the chapter’s page on this website.)  The chapter members have a great variety of boats; small for river cruising, larger for workboats, and various sizes for ocean cruising.  Here are a few more:

Christopher Almond owns the 17 ft Classic 1968Eltro on the left. Robert and Laura Almond own the Late Classic 1985 Silverton 34 on the right.

And here is a 1968 Matthews 45 ft Flush Deck owned by Jeff and Deborah Schoman.

Stay tuned for more activities this year – there may be a raft-up on one of the south shore rivers, a chapter dinner, and other fun rendezvous.

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