Keels & Wheels 2023

Registration is now open at for boat (and car) owners to register your treasured examples of maritime (and/or automotive) engineering. The dates for the 27th edition of our show are May 6-7, 2023. As usual, the show will be held on the beautiful grounds of the Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook, Texas.

To honor 100 years of racing at Le Mans we have selected “Racing thru Time, Man’s Need for Speed” as our theme for 2023. We are inviting Vintage and Contemporary race cars from Le Mans, Indy, Formula 1, Nascar and others; as well as racing boats of all types to join us. We will also be honoring 100 years of MG cars and 70 years of Corvette.

This is a judged show with additional judging classes for race boats added to our normal list of boat classes. As usual, we will be awarding trophies for 1st & 2nd in each class in addition to the many special awards that will be given (i.e.: Best of Show, Chairman’s Award, Mayor’s Choice, etc.). For previous winners, check the website or our Facebook page at If you prefer, you can choose not to have your boat judged.

While we are looking for as many race boats as we can get to go with our theme for the year, we welcome all boat exhibitors who have boats that qualify according to the ACBS Judging Classifications. Boats will be exhibited both in the water and on land (owners’ choice).

Again, we invite you to join us for this exciting weekend on the shores of Clear Lake, Texas (adjacent to Galveston Bay) and to enjoy a bit of South-East Texas hospitality. You are always welcome to come and enjoy our show even if you can’t bring a boat or car to exhibit. If you have any questions, please give me a call at 281-732-2081.


Lindy Robinson – President Southwest Chapter ACBS


  1. Would a 2004 Chevrolet SSr pulling a 1980 dirt track midget qualify for your getogether? Sounds like fun. While a member of the iowa Great Lakes Chapter of the ACBS I restored and showed 7 inboard hydroplanes,from a 1 litre up to a 7 litre (Don Garlits Hemi Supercharged Crysler) More the shame-no boats now. One of my boats is on the net under Supercharged Flathead race boat,Hellzapoppin. Regards Robert Walters

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