By John Seal, Publicity Chairman, Smith Mountain Lake Chapter

Recent happenings…

The SML Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society recently held their annual spring workshop at the home of Alan and Jean Frederick.  The 34 members in attendance learned from subject matter experts about 3 topics that are useful in restoring and maintaining antique boats.  (Group Photo – Credit Annie Libbey)

Guest John Justice, a member of the North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont chapter of ACBS, shared his knowledge of Velvet Drive and other marine transmissions used for decades in antique boats. 

Guest Brian Kieb, factory representative for Pettit Paint Company, covered varnishes, topside and bottom paints, stains and several other products used for marine applications.  Pettit has been in the marine coatings business since 1861 and is one of the largest and oldest suppliers in the industry.  (Photo 1 – Credit Steve Miller)

Local member Bill Caillet, shared his experience in safely using power woodworking equipment.  Various types of power saws are indispensable in maintaining and building antique boats, but can be dangerous if not used correctly.  (Photo 2 – Credit Steve Miller)

Upcoming Events:

The SML Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society will hold their annual Spring Boat Show at the Bridgewater Plaza docks on Saturday June 11th from 10AM until 2PM and is free to the public.  This event is a preview of our major show held in September and a great opportunity to see multiple antique and classic boats up close and ask their owners any questions you may have.  (Photo Credit – Nadine Breen)

For further chapter information check our website  or contact Chapter President John Coffman at (443) 204-6500 or email:

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