This Rascal was a platinum winner at the 2016 ACBS International Boat Show.

Rascal is a 1938 16′ Chris Craft Special Raceboat.  She was entered as a restored boat in the 2016 ACBS International Boat Show held at Lake Tahoe, California.  Rascal is owned by Allen and Donna Thomas who are members of the Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

It is spring and we’re already getting registered for boating events, even for the 2017 ACBS International Boat Show.  But it is still fun to look back through pictures of the beautiful boats that were at the last show.  Most of the pictures from the 2016 show on this website have been provided from the photography of Forrest Bryant.

Here are some of the “official” designations to declare as you register your boat for shows.

Rascal is in the “Antique” age classification.  The age classifications are as follows:

  • Historic: A boat built up to and including 1918.
  • Antique: A boat built between 1919 and 1942, inclusive.
  • Classic: A boat built between 1943 and 1975, inclusive.
  • Late Classic: A boat built after 1975 through the year 25 years prior to the current year.
    (In 2017, the Late Classic period ends with boats built in 1992.)
  • Contemporary: A wooden boat built within the last 25 years.

This may help you determine whether your boat is “preserved” or “restored”:

Preserved boats must have at least 60% of the original wood in the deck and topsides and any restoration must follow the sam construction method used by the original builder. Specifically, the use of plywood where it was not originally used causes a boat to be classified as restored.  Click here for more specific details.

Rascal was in the “Raceboat Judging Class” because of her hull form.

The extensive list of various Judging Classes may also be found under the About tab on this website. For shows other than the ACBS International Boat Show,  the local boat show committee may find it appropriate to combine or separate classes for practical reasons based on actual show entries. 

While the judging of classic boats is not the primary function of The Antique and Classic Boat society, Inc. (ACBS) and its chapters, it does create an incentive to restore and maintain vessels of interest to a high level of quality. This promotes pride of ownership and a concern for authenticity, which is then recognized through the presentation of awards.

Now that your boat is ready for the show, share pictures (up to six) along with her story by sending the information to  We all love to admire these works of art.


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