As I look at the calendar, it’s difficult for me to believe how fast time…and, more specifically, our boating season is flying by.  But then again, I go through this every summer.  Just as Jan and I get in the swing of summer and using our Coronado, Labor Day looms right around the corner…the traditional end of summer for many parts of the country.  Well, I’m just not subscribing to that tradition this year.

One of the best and most anticipated boating events of the year actually occurs after Labor Day…our own ACBS International Boat Show.  And this year we’re especially excited as it’s being held at one of the most beautiful venues in the country, Lake Tahoe.  Home to the one and only Thunderbird, ample boating history, and even the site of numerous Hollywood movies likeThe Godfather II,  Smokin’ Aces, and the famous boat scene from Rock Hudson’s and Jane Wyman’s Magnificent Obsession.  Lake Tahoe offers it all.

The Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter has done an outstanding job of planning this event, and has put together a terrific schedule of great activities for all to enjoy.  Jan and I have already signed up for the show, and are participating in all the pre-event activities as well.  We can’t wait.  I hope you will also take the time to come and enjoy what I expect to be an exciting week.

As summer does indeed zip by too quickly sometimes, we have extended the ‘Early Registration’ pricing up to August 21st.  Hopefully this will help those where August 1st snuck up on you before you could register.  If you have questions or need other assistance, don’t hesitate to contact either Stacy or Jen at the HQ.  They’re only too happy to help.  Their number is 315-686-2628.

So, as the summer winds down and many of us look forward to the ACBS Annual Boat Show, Jan and I wish you lots of safe and happy boating.

See you in Tahoe!

Jeff Funk
ACBS International

This is your link to the rest of the August 2016 ACBS Newsletter.

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