by Barton Van Beenen member of the Southern California chapter

The boat is a rare triple seat 1958 23-foot Continental, started out as VIP transport boat for Hotel Ampersand which I believe is in New York. It was purchased in the early 60s by a doctor and handed down for three generations in Lower Saranac Lake, NY. Resold several times and eventually sold to me.

The Antique Boat Shop started restoring it in 2017. Unfortunately as many of you know, the shop burned down in 2019. The hull and engine were in the warehouse and undamaged, but all the hardware was destroyed. Now after 3+ years it is 99% restored. Next problem dealing with Covid. I am patiently, sort of, waiting for completion and delivery.

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  1. For the past year I have been searching for replacement flag poles for my 55 Continental 22′ after they were lost at my (former) restorer’s shop. I have a new, complete reproduction stern pole and have located a bow pole at Classic Boat Connection…their last one, but it has stained spots that he is going to try to remedy before selling it. The craftsman that made their poles is no longer in business. I can’t begin to think about replacing that windshield. Good luck!

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