Traverse City, Michigan’s Boats on the Boardwalk along the Boardman River is a destination tradition.

Water Wonderland Chapter of ACBS sponsors this annual boat show which draws huge crowds of spectators and has also become the summer gathering place for old boat friends.

Thank you to Water  Wonderland chapter member Allen Papendick for sharing these great pictures and their captions so that we all might enjoy some of the gorgeous Boats on the Boardwalk.

 This year is the 30th Anniversary of Boats on the Boardwalk, Boardman River Traverse City, Michigan presented by the Water Wonderland Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  A salute to the show’s founders is in order.  Founding Feature boat Pipe Dream by Frank Hagerty leads the show. 

Pipe Dream is a 1954 18’ Chris Craft utility owned by the Hagerty Family of Traverse City, Michigan.  Pictured with the boat is Carla Gernhofer, ACBS member and VP of Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance.

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