by Andrew Barnett

“ERICA” was made by an apprentice carpenter in Erica, VICTORIA. [State of Australia] The town is a log cutting town and Chris learnt about the types of wood from the mill. He finished the reproduction in 2005 and relocated to Hobart, Tasmania some years later. Did 50 Knots while I was in it but that was not top speed I am told.

“LATURA” built 1924 and 24ft. Long was found rotting in a farm paddock twenty years ago and restored to concourse condition over six years, in a Hobart back yard by Lou Garnham.

“BENITO” is an American [Main] wooden Cray boat import. Built for cruising [not commercial fishing] about six years ago. Has 1000 H.P. and cruises at 17 Knots. It lives in Victoria, Australia. Note: Pot belly stove chimney.

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