This week’s featured ACBS chapter is Philadelphia.

Clicking on Philadelphia Chapter will take you to more information about this chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, show the events they have already posted for the coming year, and some news stories and pictures that have come from their chapter.

The Philadelphia Chapter has an event posted on this website for each month starting in May., including a river cruise.  This is a group that likes to get together and do things!  They were named the first ever “ACBS Chapter of the Year” in 2011 and frequently have been recognized for their full color chapter magazine.

Going to the chapter website you will find a good “Tips and Hints” and they are adding new videos of their boat shows such as this video from the 2016 Stone Harbor Show.

This chapter draws its membership from southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

We’re a varied bunch of people who have a common love of antique and classic boats including the “woodies” and classic fiberglass boats of the past and the contemporary classic “woodies” . We believe that roaring around in a beautifully restored mahogany or fiberglass runabout is among the greatest pleasures of life. The Philadelphia Chapter of the ACBS sponsors a variety of boat shows throughout the boating season, organizes member get-togethers so fellow boat owners and prospective boat owners can share experiences, and generally provides a comfortable environment in which to explore these boats.

We have informal dinner meetings throughout the year and come together several times to show our boats to the general public.

Always identified with a certain geographic region, chapters all seem to have their own personality, too.  Find a chapter near you by zooming in on the Chapters’ Map.

See what other Chapters are doing.  Send us more events and news about your own chapter.

Click here to upload pictures with your boat story or report from your chapter event.

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