by John Steigerwald member of the Glacier Lakes chapter

My Dad bought this 1983 Chris Craft Viking 170 SC back in the late 80s and sold it in 1993. I bought it back from the guy he sold it to 20 years later in 2013 and I had the boat professionally cleaned and replaced the floor and added newer sound system. I had the trailer professionally updated. It has a strong 150hp Johnson outboard on a 17 foot sport deck boat platform that handles perfect and very fun to drive. I hope it will last us a long time!


  1. My dad also sold our Viking (22) in the early 2000’s glad to see you were able to re-purchase the exact vessel. That’s kinda what led me to this boat I’m glad the internet has evolved and it’s looking like I will be able to find me one soon!

    • Yes, I do appreciate it. Not a lot of people out there still feel the same way or if they do, I haven’t seen it for a while… the boat is close to a full restore. Interior vinyl in some areas needs to be replaced and the exterior decals could use a touch up or removed… I had the floor and some stringers reinforced. I had the transom replaced and had it buffed out all over including the whole bottom.. motor was painted, prop rebuilt, updated the trailer with everything it needs to be safe for the road.

      • I just purchased a 1982 16′ Viking deck boat. 85 hp Johnson. Very hard to find any information about this incredible boat. Can you be of any help? Thanks.

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