Broken Gunwale Award Recipients

2018 – Jose Mezzetti                         Northern CA/Lake Tahoe

2016 – Malcolm Black                        Toronto

2014 – Ray Glenn                               Chesapeake Bay

2012 – Dennis and Donna Friesel      Sunnyland

2011 – Phil Jones and Tony Gowen   Smith Mountain Lake

2010 – John Gambill                          Michigan

2009 – Doug Bandos                          Water Wonderland

2006 – Bob Churchill

2005 – Dan Sutherland                       Wine Country            

2004 – Susan Wilson, Shirley Brown      Blue Ridge

2003 – Dick Sherwood                        Finger Lakes

Nominations for this Award must be submitted by June 30th to each of the following ACBS Award Committee Members:

The Broken Gunwale Award

Donated by the Finger Lakes Chapter and chosen by the awards committee, this award is given in the spirit of fun and good humor and presented to any individual or group which has “distinguished” themselves in a memorable way while participating in an ACBS cruise or boat show. A perpetual trophy displaying the names of recipients is retained at ACBS Headquarters.  It is awarded only when an appropriate event or incident deserves “commemoration.”

This nomination should be a narrative of the event or situation, dates and location of the event, the participants, along with pictures for documentation.