by Rob Tromp member of the North Coast Ohio chapter

The 1954 Chris Craft Custom Sportsman 17 with Hull no. CC17558. Optional Factory Installed Items: 1) C.P. Stem Band, 2) Cockpit Paneled with Mahogany, 3) Linoleum on the Floor. the motor serial no. K63462 (“K” Model — 95 Horsepower)

The previous owner was Frank Theus. He had the boat restored in 2003 by Zimmerman Boat Works, Columbus, OH. Due to health problems incurred by Mr. Theus, the boat has not been in the water to this date.The boat was named Bubbles which was Mr. Theus’ wife’s nickname.

I purchased the boat from Mr. Theus, as you see it now, on April 21st, 2018. I had ACBS member Gary Kosiba go through the engine to make sure is was in proper running condition. Mr. Kosiba replaced two valves, springs, rebuilt the carburetor and fuel pump and other miscellaneous items. He also repainted the upper portion of the engine.

The boat will used primarily on Lake Erie and housed in Vermilion, OH. Its primary function will be for “showing purposes” rather than a daily user boat.

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