2020 Iowa Great Lakes Rendezvous @ Arnolds Park Amusement Park
Jul 24 – Jul 26 all-day

The 2020 Rendezvous will be our 40th gathering and will begin at 8:00 am on Saturday, July 25 with coffee and donuts aboard the Queen II and registration for attendees.  The rendezvous will run from 10:00-3:00 on the docks of Arnolds Park on Lake Okoboji.  All classic Boat Owners are then invited to join the famous “Cruise between the Lakes” after the rendezvous at 3:30 pm.

You may also contact Ned Protexter at 712-301-7172


Please check in with us as July approaches to make sure we are on point to have the show. To get all of the latest updates please email gather@okobojiclassicboats.com to have your email address added to the mailing list.