The whole ACBS Directory is available online to active ACBS members – with even more information than is in the printed version.

Listed as one of the top values of membership in the Antique and Classic Boat Society is the Directory.  It can’t be called the “annual” Directory anymore because online it is always up to date with membership data and current information.  Take a look for yourself. From this website, click on the  tab.  Active members use their own email address to Log In. (If you’ve not done this before, type in your email, then click on “Forget your password?“)

  1. First, you will see your own membership PROFILE.  This is called the “Home” page of the Online Directory. You may edit your contact information, change your password, and edit or add boat information. Notice that you may upload pictures and history of your boats.
    Oh yes, if there is an ACBS event registration available, it will be on this “Home” page.
  2. MEMBER SEARCH is the next tab in the menu. You may search by Last or First Name, City, State/Province, and/or Chapter. What if you select just a chapter name? Yup, you get all of the members of that chapter.
  3. SEARCH – two dropdown choices, one is Boats, the other is Engines.  There are many search choices to help you find a boat or engine like yours. Or search to see if a name for your boat you like has already been used.  As this post is written, there are 12,790 boats to search.
  4. CHAPTERS will give you a list of all chapters and their websites.  Clicking on a chapter name will give you a map of the chapter members and a list of officers with contact information.
  5. ACBS COMMITTEES will give you contact information for officers, directors, and committee chairs for the international organization.
  6. CONTACT US is really public information, but here it is again.  Seriously, headquarters loves to hear from you!

7. RESOURCES — this is the big one!

VIDEOS – there are “How-To” videos on 17 different topics.  These are a HUGE value for members!

PHOTO GALLERY – over 22,000 photos taken by Joel Terbrueggen as he did professional surveys on antique and classic boats.  Every little detail is captured so you can see what was included in other boats similar to yours.

REPORTS & MINUTES – find out what happened at each of the ACBS meetings back to 2009. Also, learn what committees are accomplishing.

CHAPTER HANDBOOK – invaluable information for Chapters to use.

RUDDER – viewers can open and download complete issues of all issues of the Rudder going back over 10 years.

RUSTY RUDDER – the initial issues of the ACBS newsletter were titled “The Rusty Rudder”.  Here are some of the very early issues.

CONSTITUTION –  easy reference to the official documents of ACBS

BY-LAWS – easy reference to the official documents of ACBS

RISK MANAGEMENT INFORMATION – this document answers many questions for chapter event planners

All of this information is yours – if you are an ACBS member.

And it is available to you on your phone, your tablet, or your computer wherever you have an internet connection.

If you have any questions about how to make this work for you, ACBS staff will be glad to help.  Call 315-686-2628 M-F 8-5 Eastern.

If you are not a member now, it is easy to JOIN RIGHT HERE.


  1. Dan, If I could get a copy of the directory that would be Great do I understand there’s now a fee. Let me know. Steve Pond President Lake Champlain Chapter

    • Hi Steve, based on your membership cycle, you will receive a copy of the 2018 directory at no additional cost. The $10 charge for the directory was effective January 1, 2018. Please contact me with questions. Dan

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