By Janet Lowry, Long Island Chapter

Cat’s Meow is a 15-foot Old Town that belonged to my late Uncle who was a serious wood boat enthusiast, and got me interested in the wood boat hobby. She needs lots of cosmetic work to be completed, along with several ribs that need replacing/repairing. Right now, I’m using her “as is” for short trips, close to home.

The boat had not been in the water for 30 years when I first launched her in 2019. My husband was getting a little nervous when the bilge pump kept running frequently as she was in the swelling up process. I told him there was nothing to worry about as long as the water was not swirling around our ankles and the pump keeps working!

The photo above is the build sheet, supplied by the Old Town Company in Maine and below is my 1965 Ford Country Squire, which loves to tow wood boats!

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  1. 2 classic woodies! Wow! Brings back fond childhood memories! What a retro rig! Great story & love the original documentation!!! And we both rode in the rear facing seat with the back window down enjoying our classic childhood woodies all the way to the launching ramp way back when! Your Sister Jen

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