From the Chapter Development Committee

It is that time of the year again… time for ACBS Chapter leadership to complete their End-of-Year reports. These surveys should be completed by each the 2023 Chapter Presidents (with support from the rest of their board officers) for their chapters. This is an online survey, and has now been posted on Survey Monkey. (Click here for the link.)  The Chapter Development Committee strongly recommends that you print out the instructions, get information from the appropriate persons in your chapter, write down the answers, and then sign-on to answer the questions online. To make it easier, the committee has provided a set of instructions to review first.  Instructions_for_2023_EOY_Summary.  The online form needs to be completed in one sitting. You cannot stop, save it and go back to it, so please be prepared to answer all questions when go to the survey online.


Please complete the End-of-Year Reports by the January 15th deadline, when the survey closes.

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