ACBS is an international organization with 53 chapters.

Joining ACBS and a chapter is a great way to enjoy a family-oriented fun experience. You will make new lifelong friends and create wonderful memories from your cruises and trips. ACBS and its chapters also promote youth and educational programs as part of its mission. ACBS Annual Dues are $55. The Chapter dues range from $15 to $30.

Chapters in the U.S.

Alabama Dixieland Chapter 

Alaska [contact ACBS to start a chapter]

Arizona Southern California Chapter

Arkansas Heartland Classics Chapter

California Southern California Chapter, Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter

Colorado Rocky Mountain Classics Chapter

Connecticut Southern New England Chapter

Delaware Chesapeake Bay Chapter

Florida Sunnyland Chapter

Georgia Blue Ridge Chapter

Hawaii [contact ACBS to start a chapter]

Idaho Inland Empire Chapter (Northern) Payette Lakes Chapter (Southern)

Illinois Blackhawk Chapter, Mississippi Valley (Western)

Indiana Indiana Chapter, Ohio Valley Chapter (Southern)

Iowa Jerry Dyhrkopp Iowa Great Lakes Chapter

Kansas Heartland Classics Chapter

Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter, Ohio Valley (Northern)

Louisiana Bayou Chapter

Maine Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Chapter

Massachusetts Bay State Classic Boat Club and Southern New England Chapter (Southern)

Michigan Water Wonderland Chapter (Western-Northern) and Michigan Chapter (Eastern)

Minnesota Bob Speltz Land O’ Lakes Classic Boat Club

Mississippi Bayou Chapter

Missouri Heartland Classics Chapter, Mississippi Valley (Eastern)

Montana Inland Empire Chapter (Western), Big Sky Chapter

Nebraska Heartland Classics Chapter

Nevada [contact ACBS to start a chapter]

New Hampshire New England Chapter

New Jersey Lake Hopatcong Chapter (Northern), Hudson River Chapter (Eastern),  Mid-Atlantic Chapter (Southern)

New Mexico Southwest Chapter

New York Adirondack Chapter (Northeast), Hudson River Chapter (Southeast), Thousand Islands Chapter (St. Lawrence River), Finger Lakes Chapter (Central), Wine Country (central), Niagara Frontier Chapter (Western), Long Island Chapter

North Carolina Blue Ridge Chapter, North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont Chapter

North Dakota Bob Speltz Land O’ Lakes Classic Boat Club

Ohio North Coast Chapter, Ohio Valley Chapter, Buckeye Chapter, Indian Lake Chapter (West-Northwest)

Oklahoma Heartland Classics Chapter

Oregon Columbia Willamette Chapter

Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic Chapter (Southeast), Chautauqua Lake Twin Tier (Northwest), Harvey’s Lake (Northeast)

Rhode Island Southern New England Chapter

South Carolina Blue Ridge Chapter, North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont Chapter

South Dakota Bob Speltz Land O’ Lakes Classic Boat Club

Tennessee Dixieland Chapter

Texas Southwest Chapter

Utah [contact ACBS to start a chapter]

Vermont Lake Champlain Chapter, New England Chapter

Virginia Chesapeake Bay Chapter, Smith Mountain Lake Chapter, Tidewater Chapter, North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont Chapter

Washington Pacific Northwest Chapter, Columbia Willamette Chapter (South)

West Virginia [contact ACBS to start a chapter]

Wisconsin Glacier Lakes Chapter, Blackhawk Chapter

Wyoming [contact ACBS to start a chapter]

Chapters in Canada

Ontario Province Manotick Chapter (Eastern), Toronto Chapter, Blue Water (Southern)

British Columbia Province Okanagan

Chapters in Europe


Chapter Alphabetical List




   Contact – Ed Becker email






  Contact – Trudi Miklos email





  Bay State 

  Contact – Paul Thibault email






  Contact – Tom Stakelum email





  Big Sky

  Contact – Jeff Camp email





  Black Hawk

  Contact – Terry Dickson email





  Blue Ridge

  Contact – Robert Smith email






  Contact – Paul Cundiff email





  Blue Water

  Contact – James Fellows email





  Bob Speltz Land O’ Lakes Classic Boat Club

  Contact – Alan Lindquist email





Buckeye logo  Buckeye

  Contact – Monte Bauman email





  Chautauqua Lake

  Contact – Doug Cornelius email





  Chesapeake Bay

  Contact – Alicia Boardman email





  Columbia Willamette

  Contact – John Fischer email






  Contact – Rick Simmons email





  Finger Lakes

  Contact – Dick Sherwood email






  Contact – Gilbert Vacharet email





  Glacier Lakes

  Contact – Gayle Ritter email





  Heartland Classics

  Contact – Kathy Parker email





  Hudson River

  Contact – David Price email





  Indian Lake

  Contact – James Foeller email






  Contact – Mike McBride email





  Inland Empire

  Contact – Kathy Fair email





  Jerry Dyhrkopp Iowa Great Lakes

  Contact – Royce Humphreys email





  Lake Champlain

  Contact – Susan Haigh email





  Lake Hopatcong

  Contact – Bob Kays email





  Long Island

  Contact – Janet Lowry email





  Manotick Classic Boat Club

  Contact – Randy McKendry email






  Contact – Bill Graham email







  Contact – Ellen Gagnon email





  Contact – David Bullington email





  Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club

  Contact – Paul Fallonsbee email




  North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont

  Contact – James Alexander email






  New England

  Contact – Scott Robinson email




  Niagara Frontier

  Contact – Sharon Dickinson email






  Northern California / Lake Tahoe

  Contact – Lewis Dobbins email




  North Coast Ohio

  Contact – Walt Stashkiw email





  Ohio Valley

  Contact – Michael Lloyd email






  Contact – Danny Hinds email



     Pacific Northwest

     Contact – General Inquiries email




  Payette Lakes

  Contact – Gary Lyons email




  NE Pennsylvania Harveys Lake

  Contact – Josh Bryant email





  Rocky Mountain Classics

  Contact – John Stiller email





  Smith Mountain Lake

  Contact – George Curnow email





  Southern California

  Contact – Rob Cassell email




  Southern New England

  Contact – Bette Heinzman email






  Contact – Robert Black email





  Contact – Don Johnson email





  Thousand Islands

  Contact – Dave Wood email






  Contact – Keith Colonna email






  Contact – Scott Dunsmoor email





  Water Wonderland

  Contact – Patrick Gallagher email





  Wine Country

  Contact – Patti Bandy email