Whether we are in this as a hobby or a profession, most of us came by way of falling in love with an old boat.

The combination of historical value and artistic styling add to the unique story that each antique and classic boat carries with her.  But as with the ownership of anything valuable, we soon learn that there are best practices in preserving or restoring, and certainly maintaining our boat.

The skills needed for this responsibility are shared among ACBS members, often one on one, but also in a group setting.  Chapters schedule skill-building workshops such as the one put on by Smith Mountain Lake Chapter. Pictured above is the group assembled for the fall workshop at the home/shop of Alan and Jean Frederick.  

Experts are often called upon to teach techniques.  At this gathering, is Michael Turner, a Naval Architect from Vermont. Mike worked at Hacker Craft as a designer with Bill Morgan.

Chapter member Bob Pennoyer presented information on trouble shooting an outboard engine.

Chapter President Alan Frederick presented the proper procedures for aligning a boat drive shaft.

Fall is a popular time for Seminars and Workshops. After all, getting ready for when the boat is out of the water still lets you play with your boat during the winter.

Bay State Woodies had their fall “Shop Talk” and open house, to get your classic boat restoration questions answered by fellow amateur- and profesional restorer Mike Sorensen at Bjorn’s shop in Shrewsbury. There were two Chris Crafts displayed that were under restoration, and two Riva’s awaiting restoration.

photos shared from Bay State Woodies Facebook page


Many professional restoration shops and contemporary wooden boat builders also hold open forums where skills can be learned.  One such event is next Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, at Reuben Smith’s Tumblehome Boatshop in Warrensburg, NY.  

photo courtesy of Tumblehome Workshop

Now is the time to:

  • find someone who wants to share what they know and also learn from you
  • get your chapter’s workshops on the ACBS events calendar to invite neighbors and friends to be there
  • email pictures and stories of your own restoration projects and events – email to kathyparker@acbs.org

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